The first book on Amphora Pottery

Editorial Reviews:

Monsters and Maidens
Amphora Pottery of the Art Nouveau Era

by Dr. Byron Vreeland, a noted collector and researcher.

From: Amphora West Newsletter

"This landmark survey of Amphora Pottery is arguably the most lavish and comprehensive tome on this amazing ceramic, fashioned in the Art Nouveau era, which Vreeland explores in detail with exceptional scholarship. Emile Gallé, Gustav Klimt, Siegfried Bing helped define what was "essentially a French movement" in the opinion of Vreeland, a longtime collector and renowned Amphora researcher. He nimbly traces Amphora's transitioning from Early Victorian forms to the Art Nouveau modern movement. The extraordinary objects shown in 375 plates (all in color) are among the finest Amphora creations ever made. Vreeland knowledgeably outlines the impact of the style on artists ranging from France to Austria, among them Alfred and Eduard Stellmacher, Paul Dachsel, Ernst Wahliss, Alphonse Mucha, and Agathon Leonard."

From: Library Perspective

"This first exploration of Amphora pottery delves deeper into the art nouveau movement and is profusely illustrated with 375 photos and plates. Vreeland viewed many private collections when performing his research, and the text and illustrations cover everything from nascent pottery of Alfred Stellmacher to the modern creations of Paul Dachsel. The only known book on the subject."

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